Automatic, anti-flooding bulkhead gate

È la soluzione per tutti coloro che, soggetti privati o pubblici, ci tengono ad emergere, ma non a galleggiare!

RANAGALLE is an innovative flooding system created from the specific needs to protect any environment potentially subject to flooding, such as private and public environments intended for different uses like: residential, commercial, industrial, storage of materials, garages, underground compartments, docks and river ports, riverbanks, lowland areas generally at risk from flooding or high tide.

With the RANAGALLE barrier, flooding will be avoided,safeguarding you and your family as well as all your furniture and property from permanent damage.

RANAGALLE can work anywhere and in any kind of condition, independently of any external power supply which determines the activation and operation.

RANAGALLE is characterized by its component parts which are sought after and quality designed specifically for this system and from the best companies in the region. The system is then assembled in the factory and tested before it is sent to the destination where it will be positioned in the excavation for the intended purpose.






It is a fully retractable engine system that uses the hydraulic pressure of the flood water.

During the flooding, the system senses the water and, before the water level  begins to increase, it exploits the hydraulic thrust to activate and to rise progressively by floating up until the desired height is reached and then it retracts automatically when the flooding ceases.



The extreme reliability of the automatic passive bulkheads RANAGALLE lies in its operating system which  is exclusively hydraulic.

In fact, the bulkhead gate is exclusively activated by the flood water and does not need an external control circuit for its activation nor external mechanisms which could be electrical, compressed air or powered by other forms of energy for its movement.

Thanks to its passive mechanism, the bulkhead turns out to be silent. The bulkhead is supplied with a lightning  and an acoustic aparatus that signals each step during the operation.

If required, it can be equiped with a remote device activation alert service and system.


STANDARD HEIGHTS:   60 – 80 – 100 – 120 – 150 cm

Different measurements can be manufactured upon request.



Each installation is supervised by our technical team of experts in geology, hydraulic enginerring, structural and geotechnical engineering.

Our experts are ready to evaluate your needs suggesting each time the most suitable technical solution to eliminate the dangers of floodings or overflowing.


Test installation of a  Ranagalle barrier.